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CONQUER ADRIATIC/ OSVOJI JADRAN Simulation of sailing and traveling in Signature board game

Adventure of sailing and traveling on the board game. The player become a skipper and sails around Adriatic. Discovers 122 locations, local winds, incredible animals, endangered species, uniqueness of locations, discover some local legends, conquer in regattas and have fun.

Box consists: map -playing board, 122 cards, 6 wooden sailing boats, counter, wooden dice and the rules.

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  • Recognitions / Awards

    Golden medals for innovation from Germany and Croatia, bronze medal from Switzerland - Geneve. Innovation in tourism 2014 - Ministry of tourism - Croatia, EU.

  • Products

    Conquer Adriatic - Signature board game in English language. Erobere die Adria - Signature board game in German language. Conquista l'Adriatico - Signature board game in Italian language. Osvoji Jadran - Signature board game in Croatian language.

  • Country of origin

    EU, Croatia. Paper is produced in Netherlands and wooden parts in Croatia.

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Is this game science fiction game?

No. It's not. It is a travel game. The player choose one of the starts cities and sail around Croatian Adriatic. Every location has a card with stories and points. The goal is to visit as much as it is possible and to collect the most points. It is entertaining and educational game, as it is traveling.

Is it available in German language or Italian?

Yes. The name is EROBERE DIE ADRIA for German edition and Italian edition is called Conquista l' Adriatico.

Is it suitable for sailors?

Yes. This is Signature boardgame. Sailor stories and challenges and the real information about locations. That's way this concept is awarded in Germany, with golden medal, in Switzerland with bronze medal and in Croatia with golden medal for its innovation.  

What about environmentally friendliness?

It is used paper and wood. Made in the EU. Paper for cards, board, counter, rules and the box is produced in Netherland and wooden parts (dice and sailing boats) are produced in Croatia. The stories and all game rise awareness about endangered species & promote responsible tourism.

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