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ACI marina Icici

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ACI marina Opatija


From the sea the marina is easily identified by its breakwater. The harbour is entered from the northeast. There is a lighthouse (Fl R 3s 7m 3M) on the breakwater’s head. The lighthouse’s exact position is 45°18.9’ N 14°17.8’ E. Water depth at the marina entrance is 7 metres. The speed limit within the marina is 2 knots.


Sheltered from strong bura winds by Mt. Učka, the highest mountain in Istria, close to what was the first coastal spa resort in the Adriatic and the cradle of elite tourism in the region since the time of Austria-Hungary, ACI Marina Opatija is situated in the town of Ičići. This is the best anchorage for yachts under 40 meters in the entire northern Adriatic, and its nautical tradition is three millennia old. In the 9th century BC it was home to Liburnians, skilful builders of fast ships made of wooden planks and rope that took them as far afield as North Africa and Asia Minor.

Open: All Year round


  • Working time

    open 24h

  • VHF channel


  • Services near the Marina

    Fuel Station, Grocery store

  • Services in the Marina

    ATM, Crane, Free Wi-Fi, Grocery store, Maintenance and repair shop, Parking, Reception desk with exchange office, Rent a boat, Restaurant, Slipway, Tesla Only Destination Charger, Tesla Universal Destination Charge, Toilet and shower facilities, Toilets adapted for persons with special needs

  • GPS coordinate

    45°18.9’ N 14°17.8’ E



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