Created in 2012, the Calanques National Park is the first land based, aquatic and periurban national park. The spectacular landscapes of land and aquatic spaces are home to many heritage, coastline and continental species with biodiversity of 140 land based animal and vegitable protected species, 60 heritage aquatic species and a very

The first national marine park in Sweden.

Discover reefs made up of cold-water corals that provide habitat for hundreds of fauna species. Many of the rare and unique species live in the depths of Koster’s underwater fjord.

Area: 388.8 km

The oldest national park in Europe, established 1909.

Mountains higher than 2.000m, 100 glaciers, long, deep and narrow valleys, wild and turbulent waters.

Its also known for wildlife  – large elk and many predators. Meltwater from the many glaciers flows into Sarek’s artery, the Ráhpaaädno river, which creates the alpine world’s most well-known delta.


Area: 1970km2