Innovative products based on organic olive pulp biomass.

Fitoaroma is an innovative trademark of pure natural cosmetic and aroma-therapeutic products creatively fusing the tradition of space, beauty, nature authenticity, and knowledge of the new technological era. The products have beneficial properties of the ancient Mediterranean aromatic,. Carefully selected Autochthonous plants characteristic of the Istrian climate, cultivated according to principles of organic production, free from pesticide additions and effortlessly integrated into the natural environment.  All phases of the productions are carefully monitored and controlled – processing, form, design, and distribution. The primary ingredients are entirely of natural origin, free from synthetic additives, not of animal origin, and have not been tested on animals. Ingredients and primary qualities induce aroma-therapeutic effect during application.

Quality standards:

ECOCERT – EGS 2092/91

HALAL certificate


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Innovative wet wipes for disinfecting & cleaning screens of mobile devices.